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Central Victorian Soil Testing (CVST) specialises in residential and commercial soil testing. We guarantee a quick turnaround and affordable service.

Are you building a new house, extending your existing house or buying a new block of land and need a soil test? If yes, CVST can help you.

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Setting up the hydraulic drilling rig

Contract Drilling Services...

Central Victorian Soil Testing undertakes contract drilling services for consultants and engineers who require soil information at a particular site without any formal recommendations. The soil information can be logged by a geotechnical engineer and significant features noted. This information is compiled on the field sheets and forwarded on to the consultant or engineer.

Alternately, the drilling can be supervised by a representative who has commissioned the job.

CVST has a trailer mounted hydraulic drilling rig which uses 100mm diameter solid continuous flight augers. The drilling rig has a maximum depth of 8 metres depending on the type of soil encountered. Samples can be obtained at various depths directly from the auger.

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