Welcome to Central Victorian Soil Testing.

Central Victorian Soil Testing (CVST) specialises in residential and commercial soil testing. We guarantee a quick turnaround and affordable service.

Are you building a new house, extending your existing house or buying a new block of land and need a soil test? If yes, CVST can help you.

Call or email today for a quote.

Geotechnical Investigations

CVST can undertake a range of different Geotechnical Investigations. The geotechnical investigations can be undertaken with a hydraulic drilling rig or a small excavator can be utilised depending on the job. Typical geotechnical investigations that CVST can undertake include:

  • Foundation Investigations (Residential & Commercial)
  • Pavement Investigations
  • Cracked Building Investigations
  • Light towers and Sign Foundations Investigations
  • Retaining Wall Investigations

Geotechnical Inspections

CVST has a qualified Geotechnical Engineer available for geotechnical inspections. Typical inspections include:

  • Footing inspections
  • Subgrade inspections for pavements
  • Dynamic cone penetrometer (DCP) testing to confirm bearing strengths.


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