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Central Victorian soil testing can undertake basic spot levels across a proposed building envelope. Generally, spot levels completed over the building envelope to assess if any cutting or filling is required to form a level building pad. If necessary a contour plan can be produced in an AutoCAD format.

BAL Rating

Central Victorian soil testing can undertake Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) assessment at your site. Using the Australian Standards (AS 3959-2009) the BAL can be established. The BAL takes into account several important factors including the region you live in, the vegetation type around your site, the distance the vegetation is setback from your house and the slope beneath the vegetation.

The BAL ratings have been classified into different bushfire intensity levels that a house may experience during a bushfire. The different ratings include BAL - Flame zone (worst case scenario), BAL 40, BAL 29, BAL 19, BAL 12.5 and BAL - Low (best case scenario).

Wind Rating

Central Victorian soil testing can undertake a wind rating (design wind speed) at your site. Using the Australian Standards (AS 4055-1992) the wind rating can be established. The wind rating takes into account several factors including: the region you live in, terrain category, shielding factor and topography classification.

The wind rating classification is used when designing your house. It determines how much bracing is needed within the structure and the type of materials that may be used on the building.

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