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Central Victorian Soil Testing (CVST) specialises in residential and commercial soil testing. We guarantee a quick turnaround and affordable service.

Are you building a new house, extending your existing house or buying a new block of land and need a soil test? If yes, CVST can help you.

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Central Victorian Soil Testing undertakes soil tests or site classifications reports for new residential buildings, pre-purchase of land, extension to existing buildings and commercial and industrial buildings.

CVST can produce more complex geotechnical reports if further information is required outside the scope of a typical residential site classification report.

The soil test (site classification) for a typical residential allotment usually involves drilling 3 boreholes (100mm diameter) with a trailer mounted drilling rig to a maximum depth of 3 metres. Samples are taken off the auger and are assessed onsite. If further testing is required then they can be sent off to a NATA accredited laboratory. The more complex investigations may require more boreholes and further testing.

Alternatively, a hand auger can be used in confined areas. The hand auger can extend down to approximately 1.8 metres depending on the soil type and strength.

The soil test is undertaken to assess the soil conditions and identify significant features at the site. This information is then compiled and a site classification report is produced which is then used to design your foundations. The site classification report is written in accordance with Australian Standard - 2870 (Residential Slabs and Footings, 2011). All field work is undertaken in accordance with the Australian Standard - 1726 (Geotechnical Site Investigations, 1993).

If strength testing is required then a Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCP) test can be used to estimate allowable bearing strengths in different types of soils. Alternately a Pocket Penetrometer (PP) test can be used.

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The hand auger can be used where access is restricted

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